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Fellows Brave the Big City

The PEC fellows took a bit of a field trip to DC to learn about smart growth and development. It was really interesting and got me thinking about city/community planning, which I’ve never really given much attention to before. Anyway, … Continue reading

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intelligence in a phone.

Train So, I broke down. Gave up my janky, super ghetto flip phone and joined the ranks of my technologically savvy friends and family. Ladies and gentlemen, I have an iPhone. I’ve been very impressed with it– well, intimidated is … Continue reading

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More cute kids?

I was editing some photos for the people at Build a Block, and figured I’d milk the cute kid thing one more time 😉 This is one of the children who will be getting a new home thanks to Build … Continue reading

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What will you build?

This is the full video that I did for Build a Block. Really reminded me that I need to stop procrastinating the editing process… (read: two all nighters = not healthy.)

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One shot.

We had an interesting assignment for our documentary photo class due today. We were given a theme, and had to bring back one photo that portrayed that theme. The catch is, we could literally only take one photo of the … Continue reading

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back to the grind…

Hello blog, it’s been a while. I’m back in school now, and I’ve hit the ground running. I’m in the Documentary Photojournalism class, which is pretty much the capstone class of our sequence. It’s going to be intense. Intense as … Continue reading

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happy fourth of july!

Well, I’ve never celebrated the 4th of July during the winter, but there’s a first for everything! I hope everyone at home is having a fun and not too terribly hot day. Enjoy those fireworks for me! Independence day here … Continue reading

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Time lapse!

This just in: Maria got a second job and won’t be able to let us take photos/spend time with her this week. Serious bummer– not sure how we’re going to deal with this yet. It totally changes the flow that … Continue reading

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Good start.

No update last night due to internet failure, again. Seems that may be a regular occurrence in our apartment… Yesterday was a good day. No photos (which is why I’m posting more from the soccer game), but Ceci and I … Continue reading

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Hola! I’m so glad that I am actually getting a chance to update my blog– some internet failure and lack of time have caused me to slack in this way… but now I have some Argentinian photos to share with … Continue reading

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