I’m that old person.

You know — the old person who would come up to you as a kid and say, “Oh my gosh! I remember you when you were this small! You’ve gotten so big! I just can’t believe it!” Yeah, I’m that person now.

The Yates kids are turning me into that person. I lived in the basement apartment of the Yates’ home last year, when I first moved to Charlottesville. They have been family friends for years, and have been such a blessing for my family. I’ve had the privilege of watching these kids grow up over the past few years — and it’s amazing. There’s no other word for it.

These photos are from a day last spring. John B, Mae Mae and I (Ellen and Ben weren’t there that day) were playing outside, and I snapped a few pictures. Now, I wish I had gotten 100 more — because these two kids (and their two siblings) have grown so, so much. It simultaneously breaks your heart and brings so much joy.


Sweet John B.


Oh, Mae Mae-- that girl. She'll steal your heart if you're not careful.


"Look what I did!"

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One Response to I’m that old person.

  1. danielbvance says:

    It was great to visit the wonderful Yates family again last week, the children are indeed growing up so very fast!

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