Gearing up for some good eatin’

I came across these photos I took last summer while working on a video featuring Whisper Hill Farm in Rapidan, VA. Seeing these photos got me all excited about spring, summer, and fresh, local food!

Whisper Hill Farm is run by James and Holly Hammond — a young, hardworking, and inspiring couple. I really enjoyed my time with them, and learned a lot about what it is to be passionate and put your heart into your work.

The more I’ve learned about local food over the years, the more I’m amazed that this is still considered to be a novelty and not a norm. Besides tasting better (seriously, eat a tomato from a good, local farm, and you’ll remember what tomatoes are supposed to taste like. Case and point: the Hammond’s Sun Gold Cherry Tomatoes. I about died.), buying local food is often healthier/more nutritious, better for your environment, and helps bolster your local economies. In Virginia, if every household bought just $10 worth of local food each week, it could bring $1.65 billion back into the state’s economy per year (learn more here). A pretty simple way to better our communities.

James and Holly Hammond on their farm, Whisper Hill Farm, last summer. It was incredibly hot, and amazing how well these two kept their spirits up despite working in a heat wave!

Sortin' all sorts of tomatoes (and a rare chance to sit down).


Cherry tomatoes like you've never had before. The orange ones on the right are called Sun Golds -- and I swear I've never tasted a tomato that good in my life. And I've had Sun Golds from Whole Foods before. Not sayin', just sayin'.

Peppers that are almost too pretty to eat.

An example of Whisper Hill's CSA.

The Hammonds grow flowers on their farm that they sell at markets. They are gorgeous. Holly has even done flowers for a wedding!

Some pretty barn weeds (Chicory-- thanks dad!)

Some more of Holly's fresh cut flowers.

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3 Responses to Gearing up for some good eatin’

  1. danielbvance says:

    Great photos. The pretty barn weeds are Chickory:

  2. JW says:

    Beautiful! Inspires me to want to both A) just give up on gardening forever and B) only garden forever, from now on, forsaking all else, in an attempt to replicate their success.

    I’m sure I’ll find a reasonable compromise, hopefully with a basket of tomatoes included somewhere in there.

  3. Minnie Vance says:

    I thought it was beautiful and the photos were super! Love Minnie

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