time to breathe… kind of.

The end of the semester is always a hectic time, but the end of the last semester in school has proven to be maddening for me. I just want to be finished. It’s time.

We turned in our final photo projects for our documentary class today. I changed my focus twice, and now I’m regretting it and wish I had stuck with my first idea. Oh well, you live you learn. My project was a photo story on Khin Sein, a Burmese political refugee who lives in Carrboro with his family. Khin Sein was a physician in Burma, but is now working in UNC’s housekeeping department. He has a very interesting story, but I’m not very happy with how my essay turned out. Nonetheless, I’ve posted a photo from the essay.

I now have a paper, an exam and a project left before I am finished!

Khin Sein and his son, Yar Zer, pray over the food that they helped prepare for the Buddhist monks of a monastery in Carrboro.

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2 Responses to time to breathe… kind of.

  1. AnnieV says:

    Great Shot!

  2. Daniel Vance says:

    Interesting composition and use of shadow. The focus on the childs profile is very good. His gaze directs the eye to the action, prayer. Well done.

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