One shot.

We had an interesting assignment for our documentary photo class due today. We were given a theme, and had to bring back one photo that portrayed that theme. The catch is, we could literally only take one photo of the scene, and we would have to turn in that one frame. This was a great assignment for me, because I have begun to realize how impatient I am when I’m shooting. It forced me to really plan my shot ahead of time, go to the scene, and wait for it to happen. The theme we were assigned was “contrast,” and here’s what I ended up with:

So, for those of you who are interested, here is the how it all came about. When I thought of contrast, I immediately thought of a photo somehow contrasting youth with age. For some reason, I saw a photo of an older woman in Sephora (make up store, great contrasty lighting) shopping for creams to make her feel younger, and in the background is the advertisment/poster of the model with the unattainable, photoshopped beauty.

I mosey over to Sephora, and no luck. No older woman shopping for anti-wrinkle creams, and no real compelling alternatives. I was running out of time– the mall was going to close, so I walked around and came upon the Victoria’s Secret poster. I then envisioned a young girl walking by the poster, possibly looking up at it?

So I composed the frame, sat on the floor by a kiosk in the middle of the mall, and waited. Talk about exercise of patience– I waited for an hour outside of that store. Plenty of funny looks, but the woman at the kiosk and I chatted it up (perk of this line of work? meeting so many different and interesting people). It was a Sunday night, so there weren’t many people at the mall, much less kids. Plus, whenever kids walked by, they were blocked by their parents and I couldn’t get that clean silhouette. Then, it happened! It wasn’t a little girl, but I knew this may be my one shot, so I took it.

In other news- I’m swamped. I’m working on a video for the Habitat group on campus that Leah is in charge of, researching my final project for documentary, and I should have already started the piece for my internship with Triangle Land Conservancy. Throw this and my three other classes together and you get a very scattered Katherine. Hopefully once I finish this Build a Block video things will calm down… Ha.

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2 Responses to One shot.

  1. Beth says:

    I love your vision and your ability to take you assignments to such great heights. All will be ok. It’s after you graduate that you need to be overwhelmed. Always here for you if you need me.

  2. catherine says:

    kvance, this is sweet.

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