back to the grind…

Hello blog, it’s been a while.

I’m back in school now, and I’ve hit the ground running. I’m in the Documentary Photojournalism class, which is pretty much the capstone class of our sequence. It’s going to be intense. Intense as in I’ve already pulled an all-nighter and have had two projects due within the first two weeks of school. Yeah. We’re going to learn a ton, though, and I like the professor a lot.

I am still planning on posting the rest of the photos from the trip to Central America with Kpo, but while I wait to edit those, I’ll post the photos from the first project for class.

We were given 22 words and had to turn in photos that represented these words. So, here ya go:



Window. (Model: Mr. Thomas Breedlove)





3rd Dimension

Portrait of a guy in our class (this is Josh Stilwell).

Portrait of a girl in my class (Mary Lide Parker).

Shadow (shout out to sister Leah!).


Front Porch.

Body Art.

Shot from the hip (not looking through the view finder).

The letter "E."

4 AM




Self Portrait.


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3 Responses to back to the grind…

  1. Beth says:

    WOW What a great project, with such interesting examples. Thanks for letting me into your world.!

  2. Anne says:

    Love the project – great ,unexpected twists on the words. Really wakes the viewer up. You are a very clever, very talented girl.

  3. Daniel Vance says:

    Well, of course I like them all, but I really like: window, pattern, need, tall, E, change and waiting. But change wins top prize in my book, perfect Zen art!

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