The Mangroves

All of these photos were taken at the beach (Barra de Santiago), but on the estuary side. The mangroves were amazing and refreshingly peaceful after being battered by the Pacific. A local guide named Julio Caesar (heck yes) took us out on his boat and showed us around. We got out of the boat and hiked around barefoot in the mud and encountered some angry crabs, shown below…

A girl pushes her water taxi to the other side of the estuary.

Kpo bravely holds one of the many beautiful but angry crabs in the mangroves.

The muddy mangroves.

The muddy hike with Julio in the lead.

A lovely egret.

Some fishermen gather on the sand bar between the ocean and the estuary.

Pretty crab.

Angry crab.

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5 Responses to The Mangroves

  1. Daniel Vance says:

    Great photos, especially the one on the beach with the shed.

  2. Daniel Vance says:

    On second viewing, I like the girl on the water taxi the best.

  3. caitlyn says:

    so glad i clicked. i dig the amazing technicolor dreamcoat crabs. keep em comin!

  4. Janet Snoddy says:

    The crab is colorful but he/she/it gives me the creeps. The first picture with the girl and the water taxi is great and I like the lighting.

    Janet Snoddy

  5. Daniel Vance says:

    It’s about time for an update!

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