la playa

A man casting for fish at Barra de Santiago.

I have more photos from the trip to the beach, but I really never have much time here to edit all the photos and then post them. But, I wanted to get at least one photo from our weekend trip to Barra de Santiago, a beautiful, black sand beach lined with a thick belt of palm trees. The only thing that bothered me was the litter. The beach had a quite a bit of trash on it, and from what I could tell, a lot of it was washed ashore. It’s always sad to see something so beautiful marred by our trash. Yet, it was still beautiful, and the weather was actually pretty nice the entire weekend. We had a great time!

Kpo and I headed to the beach on Friday. We stayed at a hostel right on the beach called Capricho Beach House. It was comfortable and was stock full of hammocks– who could ask for more? Case, Sophie and another couple from the embassy met us there the next day. We relaxed, walked the beach, read, took a boat ride in the mangroves, Case and Sophie surfed (great photos of that coming soon…)– we really just had a great, laid back beach trip!

We walked 15 minutes down the beach on Saturday to have lunch at an outdoor… shack-eatery? It was one of the coolest eating experiences I’ve had here. We had Cubalibres (rum and coke with a lot of lime) and beer, and when we ordered our food (seafood was pretty much the only option), we realized that a guy then went to go catch our food or buy it from a nearby fisherman. It was really fun, and the food was great.

Anyway, the photo today was taken our first night there. Kpo and I were reading in the hammocks at the hostel, and decided to walk out on the beach to check out the sunset. It was incredible. I almost didn’t go get my camera because I didn’t want to run back to our room, get it and miss everything. I kind of just wanted to enjoy the sunset that night and get photos the next night. LUCKILY, Kpo pointed out that we may not see another sunset while there. So, I got my camera, and I am so glad I did because she was right. The next night was kind of overcast, and, this has been the only sunset we have seen in El Salvador.

The man in the photo was casting for fish. There are quite a few fishermen on that beach daily. They stand, or sit, and just watch the waves, and when they see what they are looking for (I apparently don’t have the eye for it, cause I didn’t see anything), they cast. This guy was older and very weathered– he obviously knew what he was doing. The whole scene was very captivating.

We’re off to Antigua tomorrow for two nights. I’m really excited! I won’t have a computer, so I won’t update again until Thursday.

Hasta luego 🙂

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2 Responses to la playa

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Amazing picture!!!

  2. Daniel Vance says:

    I want this one framed and on my wall.

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