Lovin’ the Calderas

So, a Salvadorean man took this photo of us… and it turned out super under exposed. I did what I could to salvage it, but I am no photoshop pro (thus the graininess and newspaper feel). Yet, this is the only photo of the two of us thus far, so it’ll just have to do.

This post is kind of old news, ’cause we actually just got back from a weekend at the beach… But, before that, we took a day trip to a volcano near San Salvador called Boqueron. The weather was not cooperating, yet again, but it cleared enough for us to get a view of the caldera. It was really, really beautiful. Apparently you can hike down into the caldera, but you have to hire a guide, and it’s really slippery now due to all of the rain.

It was still a fun trip, though. Sophie recommended a man named Nelson to occasionally drive us to and from places. He is really nice, but he may be one of the most nervous creatures I have ever encountered. He is featured below.

Anyway, that’s all for now– Beach post coming soon!

I only had a wide angle lens with me, but, here ya go! A giant caldera/crator– it’s awesome. This photo doesn’t do it justice.

Kpo and Nelson ham it up. The nervousness of Nelson… He’s one of a kind.

Our view at lunch. Very cloudy and rainy… ’tis the rainy season.

The only two white, heart-shaped leaves on this vine. Weird and lovely.

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One Response to Lovin’ the Calderas

  1. Daniel Vance says:

    Thanks for the update and new photos, the volcano is beautiful and you did a good job salvaging the picture of you and Kaitlin, it has a spooky B&W look.

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