sneak peek II

Still editing… I really need to finish everything today = stressful. This photo is of… well, photos that Marta gave us of her and Alberto. It was really strange and hard editing her piece with these photos stacked next to my computer.

Ceci and I met Marta for coffee on Saturday and showed her the piece. It was difficult, but she said it was really good, which meant a lot to us.

More on all of this later… must… edit…

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5 Responses to sneak peek II

  1. Daniel Vance says:

    It took me a minute to figure out what these snapshots were, very moving.

  2. JW Randolph says:

    Can’t wait to see the finished project. Congrats on making it this far, and have a great afternoon 🙂


  3. Leah Vance says:

    youre amazing. i love you!

  4. amandakprice says:

    ❤ Thinking of you and crazy pigeons. Good luck on your new adventure!

  5. ceci says:

    post something from el salvador! i miss you so much 😦

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