Sneak peek.

Good news: I finally feel like my story is going somewhere. I’ve felt like I’ve been in limbo with this story for most of the time that I’ve been here due to the intensity of the subject and other circumstances. The story itself and the women I’ve met are amazing, but the situation has been unlike any other story I’ve ever covered. I’ve been behind most of the other students here– trying to get off the ground and having something to show. A lot of the other stories are very visual or are covering current day events, while this story is trying to portray something that happened in the past and the emotions/reactions to the event. And, to be honest, this story intimidated me and I froze up for a while.

BUT, last night, I finally had a rough cut that seemed to go over well, and I edited pretty much all of today and will tomorrow as well.

Marta is now the focus of the story since Maria was so swamped, but we are still going to figure out a way to get Maria’s story onto the site.

I love Marta. The woman has endured a lot, and remains one of the most gentle women I have ever met. I harass her for an interview and a chance to take photos of her at home/at the cemetery/at her husband’s memorial, and the women gives me a gift (a giant jar of AWESOME dulce de leche). Ceci and I are both so in love with her and grateful to know her.

This photo is a sneak peek, I suppose, to the project. People reading this blog: meet Marta!


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2 Responses to Sneak peek.

  1. Janet Snoddy says:

    Love your comments and pictures. Marta seems like a person still full of love after such a tragedy. Love Mom

  2. Daniel Vance says:

    I’m glad to hear you’re making progress. What subtly emotional photo of Marta.

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