happy fourth of july!

Well, I’ve never celebrated the 4th of July during the winter, but there’s a first for everything! I hope everyone at home is having a fun and not too terribly hot day. Enjoy those fireworks for me!

Independence day here is July 9th, so it will be interesting to see how the Argentinians celebrate.

So the group went on a day trip today, and I stayed behind originally to get to spend a little bit of time with Maria and actually get some photos. But, last night Ceci called me and let me know that Maria said that she wasn’t up to having us there on her one day off with her kids. Understandable, for sure, and also really frustrating. She told Ceci that she may be able to meet with us again later this week, but wasn’t definite.

So, after a slightly emotional conversation with my coach, we decided to make the story solely about Marta. As wonderful a woman as Maria is, it takes both parties to make a story like this work. I don’t want to stress her out any more by pushing her for more time, and I don’t want to do a sub par job on her story with the very limited resources that I have.

So here we are. Starting over, kind of. Honestly, I think it will be easier to focus on one woman for a 3 minute piece. And we are going to keep talking about ways we can pay tribute to Maria and her husband, Gaston, in the site…

In other news, Argentina is out of the World Cup, which obviously didn’t go over well. It would have been amazing to be here if they had won the entire tournament… but Paul the octopus doomed Argentina to lose (look it up).

I have to go work now. Hopefully the mad stress of the last couple of weeks will slow down as of Tuesday, when our spanish and subtitled versions of our stories are ready (we are doing three versions of each story: spanis

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One Response to happy fourth of july!

  1. JW Randolph says:

    Happy 4th Katherine! It is blazing hot here (it was 104 degrees in the car at 630 PM) but we have a great day. Sorry about the game against germany yesterday, that was easily the best I’ve seen any team look this world cup and I think they’re the team to beat now (although I am rooting for the Netherlands b/c I’m used to blind allegiance to rooting with 1000000s of people decked out in bright orange).

    Messi was such a fun player to watch, and I’ll miss getting to see him play, although I think he helped get a lot of people here excited about following the English Premier League when it starts back up in August.

    Anyway, I love that photo, and I hope you got one of his CDs 🙂

    Love you and talk to you soon.


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