winter shadows

So… in all honesty– I don’t think that I am going to have the energy/time to give a great update until Sunday night. Just being real. BUT, I have edited more photos from the day at the estancia. It was a nice day and, for many of us, our first day off from work. These photos may make it seem really cold and wintery– but it was actually quite lovely and an uplifting break from the stress of the project. I was just playing with shadows and wintery trees.

I have to get to bed soon… Argentina plays Germany tomorrow = big deal. Unfortunately, I won’t be shooting it because I need to work on my project. I need to make some more progress… let’s all hope for a productive day!


PS- I am using the trial version of Light Room, and while it is AWESOME, it seems to randomly ascribe a copyright label to some of my photos. Neat, yet unnecessary. I’m sure it’s a setting that I’m overlooking…

Over 20 journalism peeps with cameras=crazily over-documented field trip to an estancia.

The wonderful MC Penn enjoys some needed down time.

A man was exercising the polo horses that are kept at the estancia (read: find the little man on a horse in this photo). He was stalked by about two dozen photographers.

Some gathering. Some framing.

The oh so lovely MC Williams enjoys a little nap in the sun.

Mixing things up a bit…

McPenn shows us the true meaning of yoga.

Tree + wire = rustic.

Alyssa and Caitlin ham it up.

Trees are awesome.

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