futbol part II y production.

fans watch Argentina play in the world cup at a bar in buenos aires.Some nervous futbol fans.


Internet = still down, and first cuts are due tonight, so I don’t have long. Quick update:

All the photos are from the futbol game yesterday which Argentina won (woot!). It was crazy but fun– everyone was so happy and rushed the big plaza I was in. Two of our girls worked hard to get a time lapse of the plaza, and it is awesome (shout out to Caitlyn Greene and MC Williams!), so get excited for that when the website is up and running!

Today Ceci, Chris and I went to Marta’s house. It was wonderful getting to spend time with her and her husband, and later her daughter and grandson. We got there and had coffee, chatting around the coffee until she was ready to go to the cemetary for her weekly visit to Alberto.

It was really hard to document this because, first of all, it is a woman going to her husband’s grave and, secondly, because I have one shot of this and have no real idea of what she will be doing at what time. There was a lot of playing it by ear and scrambling on my part, and I hope it turned out well so it does justice to the moment.

After that, we went back to her house and I got footage/shots of her at home with her family, and then looking through photos of Alberto.

It was kind of awkward for me at times, as it often is, to try to maintain the personal connection with her while simultaneously trying to capture moments on camera. But, it went well with her and I hope the work comes out alright. She’s an awesome lady. Ceci and Chris were awesome to have there, though it can be nerve wracking to have people watching you work– I’ve never had other people working with me like this and it is a learning experience.

Anyway– I have to run pull something together for our meeting tonight. I am not sure that I will post anything from today on the blog… gotta keep ya’ll guessing for the final product!


Celebration by the Obelisco.

Cute kid, but these noise makers… I have had enough of those.

A view of the Obelisco from one of the rooms in the office from which Caitlyn and MC shot the time lapse = bad ass.

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2 Responses to futbol part II y production.

  1. Elizabeth says:

    These pics are amazing! I love the one of the room looking out on the plaza, and the little girl. The time lapse was also AWESOME. Cant wait to see yalls site!
    Love you

  2. Daniel Vance says:

    I really like the kid with the noise maker what a cute picture

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