Good start.

No update last night due to internet failure, again. Seems that may be a regular occurrence in our apartment…

Yesterday was a good day. No photos (which is why I’m posting more from the soccer game), but Ceci and I had two interviews for the political violence story.

We interviewed two women whose husbands were killed by police while protesting the day after the economic collapse. Ceci and I both came up with questions, and she would translate for me. It was really intense, and pretty hard… it’s the first time I’ve interviewed someone on a subject that is this personal and tragic. Both women held it together; you can tell that they are kind of used to talking about it. But, the last question that we asked the second woman definitely caught her off guard, and she started crying, and I got teary eyed, and it was just really difficult. Yet, both women seem really grateful to get a chance to tell their story and honor their husbands’ lives. This story will be emotionally difficult to tell, but I think it is important to the women and for others to hear.

I have to go meet with Ceci– more updates later!

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4 Responses to Good start.

  1. katie says:

    you are crazy if you ever think that you are not good at this.

  2. Daniel Vance says:

    I really like these, keep them coming!

  3. Daniel Vance says:

    I just noticed the Argentinian flag is Carolina blue.

  4. Leah Vance says:

    so i know i’m late in going through all of these, but i just wanted to let you know that you are incredibly talented. I’ve always known that but i never knew your pictures would make me cry.

    i love you!

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