For those of you who live in a hole (or… just don’t live in Buenos Aires), Argentina played Greece in the World Cup today. Fútbol is a huge deal here, of course. So, the game was a bit like a national holiday, or something. The whole city seemed to stop as everyone watched their boys play– it was awesome.

Each photographer in our group was assigned a location to shoot during the game, get reactions and such. The idea, I believe, is that we will have a site with a map where you can click and see the different reactions in different areas? I think.

Regardless, some people were assigned huge plazas where the game was being played on a big screen, while others did bars and restaurants.

My coach and I found a little Kiosko (convenience store) in the part of town we were assigned to. The men who worked there were joined by three friends or so, and it was quaint and full of camaraderie. They were really friendly the few minutes that they noticed us, but honestly the game took up so much of their attention, they really seemed to forget that I was there. It was PERFECT– one of the hardest things to get a subject to do as a photojournalist… I loved it.

I also shot a few frames in the paper/photocopy store next door to the Kiosko, which was very similar in feel and in their refreshing lack of interest in my camera.

Then Argentina WON and it was a HUGE DEAL. We ran out to a big plaza nearby where people were celebrating. It was MADNESS, but good fun. I’m posting only a few photos cause, again, it is late and I am too tired to edit them all.. and because it is taking forever to upload photos tonight for some reason… Enjoy!

The men at the Kiosko enjoy some yerba mate while anxiously watching the game.

… and the neighboring paper/photocopy store.

… and the madness that ensued. Yes, that is a giant inflatable version of the coach’s head.

war paint. enough said.

Celebration in the plaza.

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