Pigeons go global.

So I have a confession. I have better pictures to put up here… but I am too lazy/tired to edit them right now. Like it or not, these two pigeon pics are all I’ve got for you tonight. Some say they are rats with wings… but I think they are often quite pretty. Pretty enough to get their own post, I suppose.

Short synopsis of today:

I had a good, productive day. No photos, but lots of networking and planning for the political violence piece. Before that, though, I went for a run with my roommate, Gwen. It was great to run and a nice way to see the city. We ran to Puerto Madero (not far from our place) and then ran on the river walk. This is right in the center of the ritzy part of town, so it was clean and very nice and different from other parts of the city, but very safe for jogging.

After running and getting ready for the day, I met with my coach for this trip, Chris Sinclair, and one of the students from UCA, Florencia (Flor). My partner, Ceci, has an exam tomorrow (they are in school since this is their winter- can’t believe that they are juggling this project and school) so she asked Flor to meet with me and help find the numbers of family members of some of those killed.

After about an hour of trying to find the family members’ names online and looking for number, we found one! Flor called, worked her magic and got an interview! Then she asked the woman if she knew how to contact the family members of others who died, and, sure enough, she did! Bam- three interviews and a fourth on the way! It was really exciting to feel like the project is finally getting a move on.

The interview tomorrow is with a woman named Marta whose son was killed by police when protesting. He was in his twenties. As of now, I will be going with Ceci and Chris (the coach is coming because it’s not a good part of town) to Marta’s home to interview her. I’m looking forward to hearing her story as well as the others. Should be interesting to see how an interview using a translator goes… definitely different!

I’m off to bed. So tired, as usual. I’ll work on writing these earlier so that I’m not so rushed to get to sleep!


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3 Responses to Pigeons go global.

  1. danielbvance says:

    I like pigeons, smart birds taking advantage of man-made environment, beautiful colors.
    The bottom pic is nice with the birds flying away from camera, showing only the classic bird shape.

  2. Kpo says:

    Kafriend! I’m so glad you are having such a good time! It looks amazing.

    I really just wanted to leave a comment. I meant what I said though. LYLAS.

  3. Anne Bright says:

    katherine – I love the picture with the pigeons in flight – don’t apologize for it! It sound like you are having an amazing experience! When do you get back? Your Aunt Anne

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