I’m so glad that I am actually getting a chance to update my blog– some internet failure and lack of time have caused me to slack in this way… but now I have some Argentinian photos to share with you all! First, an update:

I just love this city, and am so happy to be here with the group that I am with. We are all quirky in our own way… and it is nice to be surrounded by people who truly understand the passion, anxiety, frustrations, and highs and lows that come along with this field of work.

So, I’ll try to make this quick because I need to get up early tomorrow.

We have met the students from the university here that will be working with us, and my partner is Cecilia. She is awesome and seems pretty driven and passionate about this project. I am excited to work with her.

We were assigned the political violence story, so, hopefully, we will be in contact with some family members of the 39 people who were killed by police in the two days after the economic collapse. Intense, but a necessary and important story to tell. I am anxious for everything to get rolling… it’s been slow, but I think it will come together as soon as we contact people.

Anyway, in the meantime, I have had a great time exploring this city! I walked uptown yesterday with two girls on the trip, Caitlyn and Margaret Cheatham. We walked for a couple of hours until we made it to one of Caitlyn’s old haunts from when she studied abroad here. The walk and the restaurant were great, and I got a better feel for the more cosmopolitan side of the city.

Today was Father’s Day (love you, dad!), so everything was slow project-wise. A few of us went to the antique market that goes on down the street every Sunday, and it was SO nice.

I just got an old ring and a great, handmade leather journal, but walking around, seeing people, seeing the Plaza de Mayo,the Casa Rosa (the Argentine White House), and hanging out with the three other photo students (Caitlyn, Andrew, and Daniel) made today amazing. We walked for a few hours, and then stopped in the evening at this beautifully romantic square at the center of the antique market to eat some picadas at a corner restaurant and have some wine. A man was playing tango music nearby, and another man would dance with his partners or random passers-by. I’m so tired right now that I can’t do this scene justice, but it was one of those experiences that was so beautiful in so many ways, and I was actually able to appreciate and be aware of its beauty while it was happening rather than be nostalgic about it later. I hope that makes sense.

SO! Here are some photos from today. I have more, but will save them for later, ’cause this is a lot for one post.

The above photo is of an Argentinian Charlie Chaplin who was hamming it up for passers-by in the market.

This is the Plaza de Mayo, probably the best known square in the city. It is right in front of the Casa Rosa.

La Casa Rosa (Pink House) is the seat of the executive branch of the government. It is kind of like the White House, but the President doesn’t live there.

A young boy selling café in the antique market. He will most likely end up being one of the MANY good looking Argentinian men who know they are good looking and work at seducing every woman they meet. This is not coming from personal experience, it’s just the stereotype that I have heard from Americans who have spent time here and Argentinians alike.

Some crystal ornaments being sold in the antique market.

Our GLORIOUS dinner of picadas in the square. The setting was so romantic, nostalgic, and beautiful. We lived it up.

That is all for tonight! Hasta luego, besos!

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5 Responses to Finalmente!

  1. Leah Vance says:

    Beaauuutiful pictures dear sister!

    I cant wait for you to be seduced by a gorgeous Argentinian.

  2. Alyssa says:

    the picture with the red buildings is just stunning. i miss you but im glad you have this blog so i can make sure you’re being safe and smart! hahahaha jkjk. but seriously. be careful with my friend BA!

  3. Daniel Vance says:

    Great photos, keep them coming!

    How many of those handsome men will be following you home?

  4. Janet Snoddy says:

    Your picture are great and make me feel as though I am visiting also. The good looking boy is my favorite. This sound like a place we would like to visit and soon.


  5. Stokes says:

    The Plaza De Mayo? Hmm… I do have certain Argentinian characteristics.

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