just kidding… one more night in tennessee!

a photo of a tree and the moon.

Man oh man. Airports are just big portals of stress. Preview of my day: I woke up this morning at 7:20 AM to finish packing for the big trip and now, at 12:30 AM, I will be going to sleep in the same bed I woke up in.

Alas, I am not in Argentina. I am still in the bustling metropolis that is Cleveland, TN, thanks to a storm that hovered over Atlanta, causing my flight from Chattanooga to Atlanta to be delayed and ultimately cancelled.

My situation isn’t too bad, really. I got to have dinner with my parents, see Minnie, and now sleep in my own bed before I try this air travel thing again tomorrow afternoon. Some people on the flight weren’t from around here, and were somewhat stranded. One guy tried to get me to take him home with me… right… Hope that worked out for him.

Anyway, weather and pilots permitting, the next post will really be from Argentina.

The pictures in this post are pretty random, but I came across them in my hard drive and like them, so here they are! Both of the photos are from a crazy fun visit I took to Asheville this year to visit Miss Betsy Burnett (known to many as Becki– LyLaS).

Betsy was showing me downtown Asheville (love that city), and the above photo was just really cool lighting on a tree that I couldn’t resist… and the photo below was just some really cool antics that I couldn’t resist.

Buenos noches 🙂

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2 Responses to just kidding… one more night in tennessee!

  1. betsy says:

    hopefully you are in argentina right now! LOVE these pics katty! can’t wait to see some up in Mountain Outfitters 🙂 missing you already!

  2. Daniel Vance says:

    The juggler is really good, the asymmetry catches the eye.

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